Kullu – the land of Devtas

Kullu district is the heart and soul of dev-bhumi Himachal Pradesh, the land of gods and goddesses. Age old traditions associated with village gods find the most alive and vibrant expression here in this beautiful land full of mystique and wonder.

One can hear primordial sounds of faith echoing in the beautiful hills and valleys of the district and witness the ancient rituals in their most natural forms even today.

Kullu - the land of Devtas

Even today the devta commands and people obey. Members of the clan congregate from all over the world to celebrate age-old fairs and festivals and to be a part of
god’s procession as this is the order of devta. The Gods are not idols enshrined in temples, they are alive. They ‘live’ with people. They ‘speak’ with their followers
and tell them what to do. The Gods of Kullu accept invites of their followers and deck up in their most colourful attire and start with their manager, oracle, priest, musicians
and followers to join the festivity.

There are hundreds of gods and goddesses in the district. Every village has its own deity. These devtas with so many spirits and unearthly beings are part and parcel of daily life here. They preside over area and do not allow evil spirits to enter their jurisdiction. The devtas exert influence over followers and impact their social,
cultural and political life.

The institution of devtas is under transition, just life everything else in our villages. There is dilution and blurring of age old traditions. These customs, one of the brightest and brilliant expression of which is Kullu Dussehra, are the soul of this beautiful region.

We pray that these colourful traditions remain alive as always!